Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Looking forward -> 2015

Hi love. Rindu nak tulis, tapi entah kenapa rasa busy sgt lately. 

Hey, one more day to 2015.  Weee! Am really looking forward to 2015. So many things i wanna do. Too many in my to-do-list. Hehe. But not to forget, 2014 has been so kind to me. So many happy moments for me. I led my life on my own without the other part influenced my life. I got to know myself even better. Though I keep the distraction mode still going, but deep down I still remember who I really am.

Well, my biggest achievement for 2014 is, I owned a crib. Alhamdulillah, I got to buy the house on my own. So now, I have to find someone who would willingly paying the loan on behalf of me. Haha LOL.

Other than that, my family getting even bigger now, with the addition of Karl and Hani in the house. It's just that Mak and Ayah's health is currently in not-so-good condition. Let's pray for their great health ok people? 

Friends. Plenty now. Rakafakah? Still my bestest friends since forever. Love?  Not yet. Still enjoying the single life. But happy to get to know D :)

2015. Can't wait. 

Happy New Year guys!! Mmmuuaahh ciked :*

P/S: Today is Mak's birthday! I love u Mak! Have a blast one!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mixed Feelings

It's been awhile. So busy with the work tasks, coping with personal matters. Kuatkan hati nak teruskan hidup. Tak sedar dah almost a year. Mm I miss my good friends. Not that i tried to keep the distance. Not that I have some new friends. But I do have my own reasons. I let everything go, but the marks were still there. And I hate them so much.

Yasmeen and Luth are always the remedy. Yasmeen always being the talkative young girl, while Luth with his cute acts. Both of them are bright kids. Hehe just thinking of them, makes me smile. Acu loves you both. Thanks for your existence. :)

P/S: Congratulations in advanced. May u guys be blessed.

Friday, 24 October 2014


Awal Muharram is here again. A new year for Muslim. My prayer for a better year ahead. I have let go of everything. I just want a happy life. That last long.

Happy new year kawan2. Have a great weekend. I love u.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Blog Life

Someone asked me to keep on writing my blog. Tapi nak tulis ape ntah. I tak tau sangat pasal isu semasa coz i rarely read the newspaper, tgk berita or baca fake news kat Facebook. Nak gosip pasal retis, pegi tgk Beautiful Nara jelah. Nak cerita pasal fashion, lifestyle semua tu, macam tak reti.

Mcm hari ni, nak cerita apa? Pegi kerja, balik kerja. Malam kalau ada masa melepak ngan kawan2. Pastu pagi susah gila nak bangun. Masa balik kg raya hari tu, Iki asyik mara sbb Acu sound diorg bangun lambat, tapi sebenarnya tiap2 ari Acu dia yg bangun lambat. Sampai Iki kena lompat atas katil, baru Acu nak bangun. Acu cakap Acu dh lama bangun tapi saje je baring2, dia sound Acu, tak baik tipu. Sabar k.

Well, my life is upside down rite now. So dlm blog ni, mmg banyak akan cerita pasal myself. Tak banyak org nak baca pun. So me being happy, being sad, semua ada dlm ni. Tapi selalunya yang happy2, tak cerita pun, banyak cerita yg sedih2 je sebab tak boleh nak cerita kat sapa2. Tak pandai pulak nak cerita kat org. Haha. So kalau get annoyed tu, takyahla baca. Senang.

Oklah nak balik. Penat pulak hari ni. Nak jumpa Meen and Luth. Smlm tak sempat jumpa. Rindu.

K bai.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


" The sun loved the moon so much.
       He died every night to let her breathe"

                                 -Pure sacrificed-

Wishing u guys a wonderful Eid ul Adha. 
May God grant all your dreams and Doa for all  'qurban' you have made.
Mine - my abrupt and strong desires to set my feet in Mecca. I hope so.

Enjoy the holiday geng! Love n miss u people. Mmuuaahh ciked. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014