Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jaz go Jazzercise

It's the second month of my Jazzercise class. I did not know this kind of workout/excercise/dance or whatever you want to call it, exist. Until my colleague asked me whether i am interested to follow her to the trial class. At first, I was a bit hesitated since i already joined the zumba class at the office. Haha. Macam kelakar tiba2 jadi excercise freak.

Ok, I went to the trial class and hey, it was fun! I thought they were gonna use only jazz song as the workout music. But it was not! The music they played is the latest one! Katy Perry, Pitbull, Pharrel Williams, Beyonce, and some that I don't even know who's the singer. The crowd were very friendly and the instructor was much helpful as it's my first class. Err so i stumbled a lot. Haha.

So this is a bit description of Jazzercise, mm ok copied from the website. Haha.

"The original aerobic exercise class, Jazzercise, combines dance, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing movements into one fun and effective total body workout. The mix of Latin, hip hop and jazz dance movements make Jazzercise feel more like a girl’s night out than a workout!

Wildly imitated but never duplicated, routines are choreographed to current hits by major recording artists. With its fresh moves, new music and pure motivation, no other fitness program comes close."

It's a non-stop workout for one hour. Tapi sempat la lari pegi minum air, kalau tak, rasenye boleh dehydrate and rasa nak pengsan. Tiap2 hari ada class, but depends nak pegi bila, The package that I paid for is unlimited. So far baru berapa kali je tak pergi.

Now I'm continuing the class. Just because it was fun and I need it to make me feel happier. Plus I have a lot of free time now. Hehe. For further details about this Jazzercise class, please use Mr Google people.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


In 2013, I lost a few important people in my life. My cousin, makcik, nenek saudara, my love. Setiap satu yang hilang tu, tinggalkan kesan yang sangat2 dalam. The people left without any alarm, any hints. And the feelings were different for each. Part of the pain, kills the soul. My life became numb.

Then, I trained myself to be strong. Cuma, perhaps not strong enough. Sometimes, i felt lost. I did not know which way to go. I felt alone though I am surrounded by people that I love. My evil part of the brain, sometimes tell me to stop giving hope on life. But I know it's not worth it.

So, apa yang boleh dibuat, terus berharap, doa, tawakal agar ada something yang lebih baik in the near future. How near it is, hard to say. Just put my trust in God the Most merciful. I am not perfect, I know. God may not be granted all my wish, but at least He can ease the pain.

For those who lost their families and friends in MH370 tragedy, i wish they can be strong. I understand that their loss was definitely much more devastating than what I've been going through, and till now kita semua harapkan miracles to happen. Ya, I too harapkan yang sama dalam hidup. Whatever it was and will be, just believe that God knows the best. This is the test that we cannot avoid. I must honestly confess that I am still not fully moving on. But, still alive and able to laugh at this point of time, is a great achievement, at least for me.

It's ok to mourn, but life must go on. Stay strong and lift your heads up people.  Love is all around us. Take care.