Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Looking forward -> 2015

Hi love. Rindu nak tulis, tapi entah kenapa rasa busy sgt lately. 

Hey, one more day to 2015.  Weee! Am really looking forward to 2015. So many things i wanna do. Too many in my to-do-list. Hehe. But not to forget, 2014 has been so kind to me. So many happy moments for me. I led my life on my own without the other part influenced my life. I got to know myself even better. Though I keep the distraction mode still going, but deep down I still remember who I really am.

Well, my biggest achievement for 2014 is, I owned a crib. Alhamdulillah, I got to buy the house on my own. So now, I have to find someone who would willingly paying the loan on behalf of me. Haha LOL.

Other than that, my family getting even bigger now, with the addition of Karl and Hani in the house. It's just that Mak and Ayah's health is currently in not-so-good condition. Let's pray for their great health ok people? 

Friends. Plenty now. Rakafakah? Still my bestest friends since forever. Love?  Not yet. Still enjoying the single life. But happy to get to know D :)

2015. Can't wait. 

Happy New Year guys!! Mmmuuaahh ciked :*

P/S: Today is Mak's birthday! I love u Mak! Have a blast one!