Thursday, 31 October 2013

After 20 months :)

Hi! Long time no see. Sorry i was not able to write for the past twenty months.

See my previous blog:
Eh, x boleh view kan kan? Hehe dh x payah nak tengok lagi blog tu.  

Hmm blame Adib. He was the one who encouraged me to write again. Nahh, just joking.
Yup there is a reason why I want to write. Dan bukan using my previous blog.
Semuanya ada reason yg tersendiri.

For a start, just to let you know that I am ok. Err.. 

Thanks to my precious family who really understand me, care and love me no matter how i acted up..

Glad to have Rakarians as my 2nd family. You guys really are my guardian angels and thanks for treated me like your own lil sista.

That's all for my 1st entry today. Pls pray for me.